It’s a developing story.
But news just in – Trinidad television broadcast pioneer and legendary carnival commentator Allyson Hennessy has passed late on Saturday night. She was hospitalized for over 2 weeks now, due to undisclosed reasons.
Our condolences to her family in this time of bereavement.

Per Allyson’s wiki page:
“Allyson Hennessy was a veteran television presenter in Trinidad and Tobago. She was trained in the United Kingdom. She entered at Trinidad and Tobago Television and hosted the program Community Dateline for several years with other presenters including Wendell Constantine, Judy Alcantara, Lisa Wickham (1999-2000) and Judy Chong Dennison until 2005 when the station closed.

In 2010/2011 she had begun co-hosting ‘The Box’, a daily TV talk show on Gayelle, the Channel, with a talk show format styled after ‘The View’. She was also a familiar face as host of carnival activities and special events. She was also co-owner the VeniMange West Indian Restaurant. She was married to Emmett Hennessy, a fellow journalist.

Hennessy fell ill in April 2011, with an undisclosed illness and was hospitalized in the intensive care unit at a the St. Clair Medical Centre in Port-of-Spain. She never recovered and ultimately died at St. Clair Medical in the late hours of May 7th, 2011.”

  • Ago Solvo

    This deeply saddens me- a tragedy to say the least. R.I.P. Allyson my prayers are with you; you’re with the angels now.

  • Ricardo Nanton

    Allyson’s love and kindness will live with me all always, knowing her made my life better, I will miss you so much.

    • Worldpeace

      u don’t even know the woman smh ya’ll just desperate.

      • Katherine

        Like you know de man business or what? Why allyuh people like bacchanal so??? Let de woman rest in peace nah! Gosh man!

  • Hyacinth Bovell

    I am indeed saddened by the news of Allyson’s passing but the memory of a very pleasant interview on her show of April 2009 is indelibly etched in my mind. Although we had never met prior to the interview,her warmth and genuine interest in me and my work allowed me to feel at ease during the interview.We read several of my poems and chuckled as read ‘CHUCKLE’ together.
    The Word of God says that to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. She is resting in peace, and adjusting to life everlasting, I am sure.

  • Jean Nieves Mouttet

    We are deeply saddened by the passing of such a beautiful lady, RIP Alison………you are with the angels now……….

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  • shelley-ann thompson

    i was born in ’66. Auntie Allyson was my television hero: black and white television and then into color television: Community Dateline, judge at Carnival, her restaurant, Trinidad and Tobago Television, 1990 Coup and the song her husband composed for her. she was a great part of my childhood and adult years. Always the sweeter side of media. she didnt encourage the confrontational and harsher side of journalism. She comforted us, made us appreciate people from all walks of life, appreciate their skills and not their political assets. The many hairstyles for her wild unruly hair which we all wanted to play with and style. We can learn a lot from her, today’s media people need to study her! Graceful, eloquent, always positive, empathic, compassionate, dedicated, poised, etiquette, genteel beauty, articulate, highly intelligent, proficient in local culture despite her British upbringing. Thank you for the dedicated years of beautiful service and love. May you rest in peace Auntie Allyson, We love you.

  • Worldpeace

    I don’t give a flying shit bout this woman, she is a lesbian and she was boring as hell as soon as her “show” if thats what u call that snooze but I must say let her soul rest in peace she never gave me any of her millions that she had but so be it. Let this be a lesson u die with nothing so give all your money away as soon as you can email me if ya’ll wanna share.

    • Katherine

      Is allyuh so dat does make trini people look bad. Haul yuh tail and come off de page if yuh doh like de woman. At least she had a national legacy….what you have? Nothing! Because she didn’t leave none ah she millions for yuh! Allyuh sad!
      Desecrating de woman name. Like yuh have a personal vendatta with Allyson? Let her rest in peace!

      • Worldpeace

        B#tch sit the fluck down with ya old wrinkled face fass as*, old wrinkled nipples gorilla ape looking self.

        • cyntra

          she died and the world recognised it. wen you die will any body care mr/miss world peace????

    • modlula

      My God, you’re bitter… perhaps if you went out and found something that fulfilled you and brought you joy, that toxic attitude would go away. Damn, it NEEDS to go away!!

      • Worldpeace

        I get out and its a pity lula that u don’t see me with ya husband cuz we always up in the hyatt, o_0

    • cyntra

      you never heard wen you dont hav anything positive to say shut the hell up.. she worked hard for her million why dont you get your sorry ass up and work for yours if you want some???

    • texas


    • peaceofheart12

      To Worldpeace,
      The illiterate of the future is no longer the individual who are unable to neither read nor write, but rather, people like you who fail to embrace humanity and the value of hard work. Why should Alyson have given you her millions, when she has worked tirelessly hard for it? Base on your comments, I have seen through you and can kindly label you as a pointless being who should have taken Alyson’s place instead. How can someone with morals insult a dead people? For god in heaven sake, she lost her life to a terminal illness. What does lesbianism has to do with it? Shame on you.

  • Leonora Baboolal

    Condolences to Ally’s husband, parents,sisters and her other relatives and friends.She’ll be greatly missed by many.God will give you the strength to say Goodbye to her.

  • Meadow

    I have met her a couple times, good friends of a good friend. She was a very nice, down-to-earth person who we limed with just sitting on the grass during Panorama. Very sad. Condolences to her family.

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  • D

    There is a reason why so many websites that have the option of commenting also have an option for reporting abuse. You, “Worldpeace”, with your words and nasty attitude, are that reason. There should be a moderator to take your hateful disgusting comments off site and put them where no one can remember you and your pathetic attempt at fame. You need help, to say the least.

  • cindy chad

    this was my mother favorite show we use to sit down and watch it together. i use to tell her mummy dateline going and start. and she use to tell me turn up the tv.. it was the best show on tv dateline. i missed dateline .she did a great job on dateline the topics were very intrested. she will be deeply miss by her family and friends.

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