I have a healthy fear of dogs, especially the ferocious kind!

My fear runs so deep, not only was I bitten on my foot by a rottweiler mixed with a pit bull but there was this neighbor pot-hound named Gunner, that would religiously wait for me every evening after primary school, to run after me!


I can not begin to wrap my mind the fact that a 46 year old Trinidadian mother of two was killed by 7 pit bulls, hours after celebrating Mother’s Day! 7 PITBULLS!

One can only begin to imagine the horror that this woman had to experience being chewed alive but those beastly dogs. As they bit into her body and ripped her throat open. Dogs that were trained from birth to kill, did exactly that to Denise Rackal. R.I.P.

Time to put all those dogs to sleep!

LocalĀ  Comedienne Rachel Price even took to her Facebook to voice her opinion:

“Today a woman was killed by a pit-bull. As a dog lover & proud pitbull owner I can tell yuh that many so called “FACTS” about the breed are FALSE ! There’s NO such thing as a bad dog what exists are BAD OWNERS who’ve failed to secure proper training & restraint for their pet.
We have a Dangerous Dog Act passed in Parliament…however the owner of this dog is a Policeman so we KNOW this ain’t going ANYWHERE…bless”

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