Well, maybe we were too hard on Vybz Kartel and all the talk surrounding his sexual orientation. To clear up all the ray-ray, some new pictures of what is Vybz Kartel and his allegedly “new girlfriend” has surfaced!

My friends oveEntertainment From D’Net has reported that the girl in the newly released pictures is 21 year old Francisca Maria Stoute from Trinidad and Tobago.

“She use to always tell me Kartel is her husband, long before she actually met him. I know her for a long time in the States, but she is from Trinidad, she is a really sweet girl and down to earth with a nice personality, I just hope Vybz Kartel take good care of her,” a close source said.

Vybz Kartel is 14 years her senior and has his hands all wrapped around her. The young lady is so enamored with Kartel she made it her mission to find him and even tattooed his name on her back!

But what’s worse? The fact that he still looks like her girlfriend or that the GAZA BOSS and King of Portmore Empire took pictures with his “new girlfriend” on a dutty mattress?

  • Gray

    Hmmm…well if Michael Jackson can get married and have kids…well I guess this aint too far fetched either.

    • http://www.caribonix.com/blog MyRo Yarde


  • http://Www.styleandvibes.com Missmikelah

    Poor ting!

    • http://www.entertainmentfromd.net denzil

      hahaha u’re funny

  • http://www.caribonix.com/blog MyRo Yarde

    Yes, i read the story on Entertainment From D’Net three days ago. I think it is all a part of widening the Vybz Kartel Brand! So Vybz is bringing in the Trini fans support as he endorses trini woman/women

  • http://Www.facebook.com Stacious

    I love kartel to the bone….. But remember one of his songs>>>> one woman cyah satisfy me>>>>

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