On Sunday, July 31st Machel Montano makes “The Return” to Barbados’ Digicel CSS Cohobblopot show at Kensington Oval.

Cohobblopot is Barbadian slang that refers to a mix of things; it is the final and one of the most popular events of the season featuring all-star entertainers from Barbados and the region. The event is being billed as the Ultimate Summer Show!

Machel’s image and band name, “Machel Montano & The HD Family” has been heavily used to promote the event. However, the other Bajan artists performing are receiving little to no mention. Some Bajans find this more than offensive!

Notably, on Thursday, local entertainer and promoter Alan Sheppard, the former lead singer of “Spice And Company,” said it was insulting and disrespectful for the NCF and the Barbados Tourism Authority (BTA) to have Machel’s image on posters to “promote Barbados’ premier cultural festival Crop Over.”

Here’s Boy Boy’s “Bite me” response:

Well Machel believes he is entitled to be in Barbados for this premier cultural festival. He also seemed perplexed by the backlash of his publicity:

Apparently all the “drama” was very vexing to Machel. During a media conference with the National Cultural Foundation yesterday Machel declared, “Unity Over Separation Everytime!” What a way to create said unity when Machel plainly dissed Bajan Alan on twitter to his 20k+ followers. A little humility would help, especially if it’s not your country. He further tweeted:

Here is an example of one of the promotional banners used:

Do you believe Bajan artist should be showcased more during Crop Over?

  • John John

    Man, it’s all about promoting the best of the best. Stop whining bajan people and artists. I’m bajan american and want to see the best talent not just bajan talent because of a bajan festival. This article was a waste of time. Step ur game up bajan acts and you will be promoted as such!

  • J.

    I agree that this is a waste of an article, and I really hope is just one man who feel this way and not the whole island because it real pointless. Firstly, Trinidad has always welcomed everyone for Carnival, and some people does lose sight of what Carnival really is about, which is ah “one-ness” or unity. It doh matter who on your billboard, it matter that it is a fellow Caribbean artist and it bringing ah nice fete to your Carnival. They have people who does just want to sit down and complain that the silver spoon not in dey ass and this is just another example of a BOOO HOOO HOOO for my situation. You want to do something?!?!?! Go help your local artiste and put them in the studio more and maybe coloborate more and maybe you might have a poster up in Trinidad and Trini’s will still go regardless because we love all soca, no matter what or where it come from!!! This kinna thing does turn real people off yuh vibe btw, yuh doh like Machel ROCK SO!!! , stay with yuh small minded self….