I came across this story today and I swore I heard Santana and the whole crew shout out “Ooohhhhh Guuuuuuudddd!!!!!!!!”

Read story in the TnT Mirror:

One of the country’s most prominent Pentecostal pastors, Peter Regis, has been forced to resign after being caught in a sexual relationship with the wife of a junior pastor of his Valencia Pentecostal Assembly.

Regis, 57, who is a well-known Gospel singer also features on Family Focus Network, one of the country’s leading radio stations catering to the born-again Christian community. He was one of the religious leaders leading the peace initiative in John John following the death of 10-year-old Tecia Henry two years ago.

Last week Regis tendered his resignation to the Pentecostal Assemblies of the West Indies (PAWI) and the board of the Valencia Pentecostal Assembly after a junior pastor presented evidence of an intimate relationship between Regis and the junior pastor’s wife.

This is the third time that Regis has been caught up in a sex scandal with female members of his flock, Mirror was reliably informed. On the last occasion, a few years ago he was warned by PAWI and placed on probation.

On this occasion he was caught with his pants down, on tape, with a 30 year-old female member of his church performing steamy sex acts in what appears to be the bedroom of his home.

According to a church member familiar with the issue, the woman’s husband saw a flash drive in her handbag and reportedly sought the assistance of a friend with a computer to download it out of curiosity. To his surprise the flash drive contained a “blue movie,” featuring his wife and his Pastor.

The junior pastor, a maxi taxi driver, was said to be traumatized by the nature of the sex acts, which did not include the missionary position.

The cuckolded husband took photos of the acts to the executive of the Valencia Pentecostal Assembly, Regis’ church, and the pastor was called to a meeting where he admitted his guilt and immediately submitted his resignation when confronted with the evidence.

Pastor Regis also apologized at the meeting as his resignation was immediately and unanimously accepted.

When TnT Mirror contacted Pastor Regis on the matter he admitted that he had let his family and congregation down.

“I blew it,” he said, in a tormented voice.

He confirmed that he has resigned, saying that the incident was the work of the devil.

“This is male-shame,” and I am apologizing to everybody and the church,” he said.
“I am devastated,” he added.

However, Pastor Regis said he did not wish to go into any further details adding that he did not know how the sex photos got into the hands of the woman’s husband.

Members of his congregation were taken by surprise when they turned up for church on Sunday to see Regis sitting in the pew and another pastor conducting the service.

He later appeared on the pulpit and apologized for what he had done to a female member of his church. Close friends of the maxi taxi driver, who has also been active in the church, say that he has been devastated given the nature of the video recording and will need time to recover.

Pastor Regis is married and is the father of four children, all adults.

While some members of the church are reportedly holding a week of prayers for him, other parishioners told TnT Mirror he should stay away from the church.


Regis might just be a real life Pastor Stewart. I can just hear him now, “I’s a respectable man in dis community!”

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  • Empress

    I am not surprised, the sins of the flesh [overeating, drug, alcohol consumption & greed included] have become THE NEW GODS! Humans seem to worship the instant gratification they receive from the people and things around them. I won’t judge; no one is perfect. The Pastor has probably been doing this for years and I am sure more women will come foward, he will see in time that this was the best thing that could have happened to him, his secret is out and now he is liberated. How he chooses to use his FREE time is for him to decide.

    • jillo

      The Lord loves this man an he save him so he can get the Glory ,he knows the pastor has this problem he was battling with for years .God corrects those he love,he knows our heart and he make a way for us to escape ,sometimes it comes to shame for our own good .what about our own battles their are so many people battling in side of the church and outside with this sex sin and whatever sin.we are to guard our hearts and mine .satan is out here to steal,kill and destroy us. this is your test now are u going to pray or look for all the dirt u can get about people. seek the LORD with all your heart and hear what he wants u to do. i dont trust in man .i trust in JESUS .he save me from going to hell. i dont know this pastor or the others but Jesus knows their heart he looks at our heart. And in time everything will work together for our own good.

  • Courtney K Williams

    So What # Runway Will He Be On??

  • Lydia

    This is sad news…and yet another stain on the church, but God will forgive any repentant heart and we must be willing to do the same. This church, this community, these families need our prayers

  • Star George

    i agree that the pastor did wrong, and i pray that he does confess to God and seek to walk in the right way from here on. We are all tempted to do wrong at times. People who are saying that he should not come to church have forgotten that church is for sinners. He is in the right place to be forgiven by God and to move on with his life. I pray for the best for him as he strives to change his life. Sometimes it takes some embarrassment to help us to get right with God. However, that embarrassment is the best thing for us….because we need to get ready for a better life with our savior..

  • Alyssa Daniels Onasis

    And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works. 2Cor11:14-15

    Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; 1Tim4:1

    Take your pick which of these two scriptures describes Pastor Regis situation most accurately ? Fasten your seat belt……. There is more pastors to go, its only a matter of time

    • TRUTH

      The truth is, He is guilty
      The truth is, it is not a work of the devil, we have choices and the enemy will always do what the word of God says he will do in John 10 vs 10. Come to steal, kill and destroy. But you know what we need to protect ourselves by the word.
      God is merciful but the pastor need to do like David and repent because he has been exposed. Repent brother and take time to be built up so the mistake will not be repeated.

  • Camilla

    How many of us read the book of Psalm? David was an adulterous man but yet God forgave him. All have sinned but when Satan is attacking we must rebuke him not encourage him. Therefore let’s pray for all Pastors of our land and rise to the occasion of reclaiming Trinidad and Tobago for the glory of God.

    • Ronda

      I agree with u Camilla we should have a national day of prayer for all pastors and leaders.


        Something you can’t be prayed away.

      • dan

        come on Ronda, another day for of prayer for what….. so people can see or know that we can pray. Its suppose to be our duty to pray one for another everyday

    • Michael

      Camilla… I am i agreement with you. We in our human nature, seem to forget quickly that God’s Grace is extended to all, leaders and ‘new-born’ alike. Pray for him, intercede on his behalf. HE IS, believe it or not, ONE OF US! Just as Human, just as imperfect, needs reconciliation just as much. Shame and Woe on all those who wants to add any ‘but’s” to this. Follow the word of God, and extent a forgiving arm to him. FULL STOP!!

  • Ronda

    It is really sad in a time like this when heroes and role model are terribly lacking for something like this to occur. This is a blow to everyone but God will be the final judge let us continue to prayer for him, his family and all pastors.

  • avonel

    i myself am very ashame by d pastors actions because i attend his services whenever i get time an lately i kinda commint myself to make d extra effort to attend d sunday services bbut after this i dont think i am makin that extra effort . I know that he is only human but once is ah mistake twice is ah habbit but third time that just prove d pastor like alot of pussy lol

    • Tasha

      A righteous man falls 77 times not the unrighteous, so God in his mercy makes provision for a repentant heart. It seems as though he never came in to total submission to his authority in dealing with this situation and probably thought that he could have conquered it on his own, but sin has respect for no one. I pray that now he will give his all and allow God to transform and restore him. God in his mercy gave him a chance in spite of it all because he could have been smitten, but God has his plan. We all need to thank God for his mercy!

      • Tasha

        7 times (my correction)

    • Tasha

      @ avonel – I know that we look up to the Pastors for direction and the answers and for example and as well we should, but at the end of the day we answer to Jesus alone, so don’t let the “Pastor’s” actions deter you from making the extra effort to serve God with your heart. Who knows what God has in store for you! :)

    • http://faith Rodney

      You going to church and your salvation have nothing to do with the conduct and lifestyle of any man. If you find fault in the Lord Jesus then don’t serve the Lord. If you stop serving the Lord because of a man’s action, then it means you never new the Lord in the first place.

  • star stoute

    It is sad to see a pastor in such a humiliating situation but what is also humiliating to the church is that this is the THIRD TIME! Why must this happen three times before he resigns and why wasn’t his resignation demanded after the second time? Is there no accountability? And why is it okay to just blame the devil and ask for forgiveness? How could he continue to pastor knowing he is living a lie? Doesn’t personal responsibility apply to Christians too? I am disappointed that this wasn’t better dealt before. I guess we can wait for the pics to leak now to put the icing on the cake. Wake-up people, we must forgive but stop accepting what is unacceptable behavior.

    • favouredone

      I agree with star 100%. This could have been avoided and dealt with properly before it had to reach to this embarrassing stage. I am not judging the man because we are not perfect and we all fall into sin, but at the same time He did’nt heed God’s warnings because this is not the first time. The Bible states clearly that God never destroys a city (human also) without a warning. God warns us because he don’t want to make us ashame. We as Christians in the end have to listen and take heed to that warning before its too late.

  • jan

    the bible says a righteous man falleth seven times but rises up again who are we to judge, not condoning what he did but i know God is a forgiving God.Let us hope and pray that he gets on the right path and continue therein.

    • TRUTH

      God is indeed merciful and loving. Once our brother repents and by faith through grace believes in the restoration of God, our brother is indeed forgiven. Our brother also needs to do whatever Holy Spirit tells him to, because he certainly has a deeper problem that is driving this behavior. Therefore he needs to submit to Holy Spirit because indeed Holy Spirit is the only one that can transform his HEART.

  • Susan

    This is very sad, and I’m very sorry to hear what has happened to yet another man with a weakness that was not attended to.

  • dianalove

    well at least it’s not with a little boy. lol

    • TRUTH

      It is still not acceptable to God. We cannot make excuses for sin. We face the truth and according to the word. Our actions come from the condition of our heart. Therefore our brother has an issue in his heart that he needs to admit. He also needs to yield to Holy Spirit to deal with this problem and help him to overcome it. We set ourselves up because we do not depend on Holy Spirit, instead we try to do it on our own. People WE NEED TO BUILD RELATIONSHIP WITH HOLY SPIRIT.

  • Stan

    Ohh shoot lol

  • Anthony

    God’s discipline is not to destroy but to restore. It is the job of Satan to accuse the brethren, and he will use your mouth if you let him. Jesus said unto them, “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.” We must judge righteously, but also be qualified to judge. Matt. 7: 1-5, and Romans 14:4.

    Sin is sin. There is not little or big, white, red, or black sin. There are those done outside the body, and the one in the body, the latter is what was done here, but all sin is disobedience to God.

    Another soldier has been severely wounded, but not dead. Must he be left on the battle field to die, or we take him off the field to safety and recovery.

    Read 1 Corinthians 10:12, and pray that we enter not into temptation, and pray that Pastor Regis be restored to right standing with God, so that his soul may be saved on the day of the Lord Jesus.


      I hope you too remember this Anthony when someone has sinned against you, or even when you have fallen short! Sin is Sin.

      • Anthony

        I have Christian, and God gave me the grace to go through it. God prepares us for the attack of the enemy, and will never let us go through what we cannot overcome. If we cannot overcome, He will not allow it to come our way. I know sometimes that we are tempted to fight back, and in the flesh, but I have experience God’s grace enough not to fight back but to help restore the wounded. At times the pain of the person who had sin may be greater than the pain of the person sinned against, but we ought to take up our own cross daily and follow Jesus. May God give us more grace. God bless you Christian.

  • http://dexter slickman

    that devil and dog should burn in hell.they making people afraid to go to church.it have plenty more of them.

  • http://www.jayblessed.com/?p=15110 MzzCarlyberry

    Yes it is true dat he is a man just like u and I so it is not impossible for him to comit sin. However, this is not the first time he did something like dat?!?1 Hmmm…… He needs to stay away from the church. I strongly agree :(

  • tricia

    Why do we believe everything that we read in the news paper. Because the mirror say is three time does that mean that this is infact the truth. But then we don’t really care about the truth, the gossip sounds better.


      Well Tricia…you probably know. I wonder if you were one of them?
      Furthermore, who is to say that it’s not four or 5 or fifteen for de married Pastor? The fact remains whether it was his second time or his third time, he is used to sexing the members in his congregation. Is that gossip or is that fact?

      • tricia

        I am speaking to the comments that said the church allowed it to happen three time, Someone need to ask the membership of his church if this is infact so. Because for any church to allow somethng of this nature to occure three time is insane and I am certain PAWI would not have allowed it. So check your facts.

  • http://n/a Azag-Thoth

    “In Order to know Virtue we must first acquaint ourselves with vice.”

    For to long the Church and many various religious bodies ignore the passions of man; the primal part that many do well to hide will eventually surface. This is a perfect example why the masters for the east did best to educate the populace about sex via tantra and other mediums, we all have our vices and no one can judge the pastor as I personally know him.

    What can be addressed due to this situation is people become more aware and begin to work out the desires that drive them, when alone at night the mind reflects on many matters of the profane. Indeed we shall all become masters of our life in time but this will only occur when we accept that we are perfected beings, in an un-perfected state seeking perfection in God.

    • Joy

      I love this comment. Amen!

  • john jon

    So how come nobody ent talk about the woman ??? she have a husband but still having sex with the pastor? an the main issue is the pastor? both are wrong? the pastor needs to be forgiven? what about the man who was hoping to become a pastor soon. He probably would never even want to hear from GOD NOR ANY MEMBERS OF THE CHURCH . but all we see is the pastor who needs to be forgiven . you people need to see that the world is not 2-d an what he did will not affect him alone but more so the people around him. for all i care the pastor an the “wife”can be condemned to death. what about the man who has done no wrong but try to follow in his “mentor’s” footstep.Events like this truly disgusts me. as it shows how much u can only trust your self! my heart goes out to the upcoming pastor. i hope he moves on with his life.

    • http://www.gaga.info gregory 123

      @john all i have to say is what if it was ur wife . ok… lets say it happen to u…. an u decide o well lets just 4 give pastor … but on d other hand if d man was to kill d pastor an d wife .. is not no o 4give d man.. who is just as guilty.. thou shall not kill.. but thou shall not coveth thy neighbours wife or comit adultry or fondication

    • tricia

      Well let everyman consider his own salvation. While we studying the Pastor who repenting and working out with God, and the man who probably working it out with his wife and the wife who probably working it out with her God. Some ah we who commenting have we own things to work out with God, fast on our way to hell and doing nothing about it, On judgement day the Pastor will answer for himself , the wife will answer for her self, i only hope that we could answer for our ownself because on that day it will be me or you and god alone. No Pastor, No wife, Jesus’ blood can take care of the Pastor and the man wife, What about you?

      • Tasha

        @ Tricia- I couldn’t say it better! Everybody want to judge and full of sin. We all have to work out our salvation. ALL OF US!


    The only person my heart goes out to is de Jr Pastor, de husband that saw his own wife live in living color doing God knows what with the shepherd, his mentor and church father.

    Now if he was to go mad and kill somebody den everyone would blame de husband. The actions you make today not only affects you but the people around you. I wish more people in authority would understand this.

    BTW: Is de Pastor wife still his wife? Or she does not believe in divorce?
    Hmmm….to each his own!

  • Camesha

    Is anyone here married???? I can just imagine that poor man watch the video in the presence of his friend. My goodness. I pray he doesn’t go mad or backslide.
    The same people that call you to church is the very same people that run you out of it!

  • http://www.vaughnettebigford.com Vaughnette Bigford

    No judgement from me. Very sad though. I just cannot understand the videotaping and jumpdrive business.


    Things like these is the reason why many people refuse to attend church.
    God lives in my heart and the way I live my life and treat people.
    Godliness should be a lifestyle and not a sermon preached every weekend by a someone who is not every practicing what he preaches.
    Live for God not for man.

  • Anthony

    God is amazing! Jesus is building His church, and the gates of hell cannot prevail against it. We are concerning ourselves with what should or should not happen, how one should be judged and all that. In all this God is still in control. There are laws and principles that the church should implement in any given situation, and God gave that responsibility to the church’s leadership, but the final judge is God.

    Let’s us continue to pray for the leadership of the church, and also for ourselves, that we too do not depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, in any form.

    Put on the whole armor of God, that you would be able to stand against the wiles, or tricks of the devil. Jesus loves you too.

  • http://none issa

    enough about forgiveness.for the pastor,.what. about.the..pastors wife and children they have to face the .public every day and he has the audacity to say it is “male shame” he has shamed all his family in and out of the church. He.. better do some research about this particular sin,find out where it come from and destroy it,so it does not rear its head in his family ever again.

    • Tasha

      Research the sin? Sin is from the beginning of time. He needs to renew his mind, his spirit, submit to God and his authority, repent and rebuild with God, his family(both immediate and church) and fall in love with Jesus and his law all over again and allow God to transform and restore him and some Counselling too.

  • Smith

    what people need to realise is that even pastors are only humans too

    It is wrong and he should have known better, it is also good that he resigns as to not set
    a bad example to the church goers.

    at the same time I’m very sure that his messages have touched people and encouraged them to live a right life for God even though he himself have fallen short due to his own earthly desires.

    I do hope that he goes back on the right track with his life and honestly repents

    • Tasha

      I like

  • Jasmine

    “I’ve seen so many fall, and stumble, along the way…” Let us keep ourselves under discipline like Apostle Paul said, lest after we have preached to others, we become a castaway. I pray that God restores this wounded soldier.

  • Tasha

    Did anybody wonder why this man was even searching in his wife’s purse? What was he really searching for? He don’t even know how to use the computer, but he could identify a flash drive. This sounding like a set up!!!!!!!!! What kind of man seemed to be so willing to expose his wife? Imagine that a third party had to see his naked wife.

    Did he ever confront his wife to discuss this? It seemed like he just run to the church to expose Peter Regis. He can’t use the computer, but he know how to use a camera to expose his wife’s nakedness!.Did I say any of this was right? No, but it is the glory of God to conceal a matter, not to search it out. When I say conceal a matter, I don’t mean for people to be ignorant of what is occurring, but the manner in which it is dealt with must be an important factor in the restoration of everyone. To me it was revengeful and hasty and wicked. This could have well been a set up on his or both him and his wife’s part!!!!!! All in all, quite sad!

    • tricia

      I was wondering why a married woman would keep that kind of evidence againist herself just lying around in her purse? One would think that one would not keep that kind of evidence and if one keeps that kind of evidence they would have kept it under lock and key. I was also wondering who called the media? Since when are we as christian taught to take our issues to the unsaved. Did not the bible instruct us to appoint Godly men to meidiate between us rather than running to the unsaved institutions.

      • tricia

        There is always a christian response to situations. Even in difficult situation we are still required to give a christian response. Sometimes when we are the victim this becomes more difficult to do. However, it is when we can demonstrate right christian principles in the mist of difficult situations that people see Jesus in us. It is always easy to be christ like when things are going well, the question is can we be Christ like when we are nailed to a Cross between two thieves being crucified for a crime that we did not commit. Can we still say then forgive them Lord.

  • Alicia Brassey -Plenty

    I agree that we should pray for Mr. Regis, we are all humans and the flesh is weak. But I personally don’t think that this was a set up……. I hope not. Probably the jr. pastor was suspicious. When in anger a person can and is capable of doing anything- is that what happened I don’t know. What we all NEED to remember is that SATAN is real and he is here to steal, kill and destroy.

  • Chayal

    Christianity is the only faith where we bury our wounded… and kill the fallen soldiers—- the majority of local pastors will be using the down fall of this man as their sermon on Sunday morning, and it’s simple to glorified themselves – how sad!!!and how far we have fallen as the body of Christ. No one is condoning what the ‘Pastor’ has done, but all you self righteous so call Christlike, holy ghost filled, people… where is the ‘Forgiveness’ and ‘Love’ you so often speak and preach off??? The reason the world don’t respect Christianity, is because they don’t know us, we are too hateful, the word said by our Love they will know us, but we lost that a long time ago. Look at how we are quick to condemn and bury the man, before you cast that stone on Peter Regis, put it down, go home, then take a good look at the man in the mirror and if you see a perfect image reflecting back at you, then go on ahead and cast your stone, but if not, then be careful of what you say, because worthy or unworthy he is still a child of God

    • Ria

      so true, we never examine ourself. we kill the wounded.
      They both were wrong not only the man – they both were MARRIED is not that she was single and he made the commitment to his wife, she also made a commitment

      • Electra


  • valerie

    He who is without sin cast the first stone. The flock needs to remember that man will fail us but God NEVER FAILS US. Look not on man. Some woman are tricky too and will go at all lengths to try to trap men. Pastor Regis you are like all of us sinful but you can talk to the father about your problem. He should not stop going to church but make your path straight with God.

  • stacey

    This only shows us trust in god and not in flesh but this will not stop me from believing in my god its not him who who broke the commandments Mr Regis has to answer for his own sins and so do we on judgement day.I am not saying what he did I am condoning it but he who without sin cast the first stone sorry no stone cast .And I am a woman she has to be held accountable she was a part of it and her husband has to cope and try and deal with the shame.Lets us Just pray for our pastors and our self we can stay away from the world vices.

  • Andy

    Act_13:22 And when he had removed him, he raised up unto them David to be their king; to whom also he gave testimony, and said, I have found David the son of Jesse, a man after mine own heart, which shall fulfill all my will.

    This is David who wrote the Psalms which we all love and read almost daily. Yet he had fallen in to adultery. As a matter of fact, David killed a man for his wife, but God is good. He forgives and He has said in His word: 1Jn_1:9 If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.
    The pastor has confessed and is on the path to recovery and forgiveness. I wish a few others who have erred take this advise and confess their sins. We should be praying for him and not condemning him. Brother:
    Joh_8:11 And Jesus said unto her, Neither do I condemn thee: go, and sin no more.

    • Electra

      Agreed and Amen!

  • Nisaa Moonesar


    • GG

      Nissa spot on!

      • Nicole

        Well Nisaa and GG the christian response is still forgiveness and restoration. If his wife and children are christians then their response is still forgiveness and restoration. When we forgive we do not forgive for the person who has sinned sake, we forgive for our own salvation sake. In Matthew 6: 14 – 15 it teaches that if we forgive God will forgive us, if we do not forgive God will not forgive us. When we refuse to forgive we condem ourselves to hell.The world teaches that we have a right to react a certain way to our pain. The bible teaches diffrently. We have to remember the the wages of all sin is death but the gift God is eternal life. The lier and the adulterer are both condemed to hell fire but the blood of Jesus is able to cover them both and this is why we forgive. Ministers are not exempted from forgiveness. They have a right to forgiveness just like anyone of us. Once they repent and Pastor Regis has done that publicly, that must have taken a lot of courage and we must appreciate that he has admitted that he did wrong. This is what God cares about. God knows since the time of Adam that we will fall short from time to time, therefore God is never traumatised when it happens. He sent Jesus to die so that we will have a way out. It only hurtsGod when we refuse to take that way out be not repenting and not forgiving,

  • Nicole

    Matthew 6: 14-15 teaches that if we do not forgive God will not forgive us. Rev 21:8 teaches But as for the cowardly, the faithless, the detestable, as for murderers, the sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars, their portion will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur, which is the second death.”

    There are no big sin and small sin. All sin leads to hell fire. But God redeems all who repent. Pastor Regis has repented publicly and we have to acknowledge that. God is never caught off guard when we sin. It only hurts him when we refuse to take the way out that he has provided by not repenting and not forgiving. If Pastor Regis wife and children are also christians then their response must also be forgiveness and this they do for their own salvation sake not his.

  • Carol

    Its so sad but had t☺ be revealed. The thing about it there are others prominent persons out there doing the same b ut has never been caught. Maybe it was @ set up. that it was known he was doing it ǻŋԃ someone decided t☺ rat him out the bible says that judgment would first start in the house of the Lord ǻŋԃ pastor Regis should of known better. He should of known he was caught in that compromising position before. Why didn’t he see it. Stop pacifying Pastor Regis he has t☺ get @ hold of his flesh cause wwe could pry ǻŋԃ pray but its all up t☺ him t☺ want t☺ change ǻŋԃ stop. Blaming the devil when we as christian knows right from wronmg we need t☺ decided stop playing mad christian ǻŋԃ start living ǻŋԃ walking as christian we are driving sinners away ǻŋԃ letting the new believers feel its ok t☺ have one foot in ǻŋԃ one out of the church. Wake up ǻŋԃ stop playing the ass.

    • Nicole

      Carol I hear you and I agree that he should have known better. But the fact that this might not have been the first time still does not disqualify him from forgiveness. It also still does not change the fact that if we cannot forgive God will not forgive us. How many times have you lied or back bite or gossiped? Did not God convict you for it. Ever found your slef lying again? God considers all sin the same. It is we who have made one sin bigger than the other. Our reponse for our own salvation sake is still forgiveness. The one who has sinned response is repentance. God is the only one who can judge who has genuinely repented and who has not it is not our place to judge. We as a body of believers need to stop handing people over to the devil and learn how to love them back to God and help them live right. Leave the judging to God. He is the only one qualified to judge.

  • Hmmmm

    Everyone love to give the theoretical responses of what a Christian should do until they are faced with the same situation. All if you women who hear saying forgive, repent, give God the glory…if it was your husband sleeping with your best friend, how would you feel? And if your husband found you cheating, what do you think he would do? There is no one answer for everything. Diff strokes for different folks. At Regis’ age and stature he should have known and done better…but he did not.
    It really begs the question, is it really realistic to be monogous? Maybe if the Pastor had an “open relationship” and was up front and honest, he would not have been where he end up.
    He will redeem himself. Life is never always highs or lows.

  • Carol

    Remember the woman who was caught in adultery, well he who is without sin cast the first stone. We love you Pastor Regis and Jesus loves you much more. We forgive you and He forgives you more.

    • forgiveness

      Please people all of us have sin. And fallen short of d glory of God I truly believe he was and probably still is a great man of God I have been to several all night prayer meeting where d pastor has truly minister d word of God and yes God used him now that he is exposed who is to condemn d man let God be d judge. So many grate men of God have sin and yet God restored them so why not d pastor. To pastor Regis I love u and forgive u and God will left u up again to every test there is a testimony. To d Jr pastor I hope u can find it in your heart to forgive pastor Regis and your wife and to all d holy ghost filled water baptize believe who are condemning this man please pray for him to be restore and let God be d judge thank u all in advance

  • Ronald

    Our Pastor have sin in the sight of God and us, and we need God not only to forgive him; but also to give him a complete deliverance, so it will not repeat itself. Let’s continue to prayer for his reconciliation in the eyes of his family, friends and christian believers.

  • Judy Mitchell

    He’s a normal man and she’s a normal woman, stop taping please.

  • chrissy

    I tank God that He is not like man, judgemental and condemning….. This can happen to anyone of us, thats y it is so important dat we keep our pastor’s in prayer daily. The word of God says dat sin is not measured. If we gossip or tink a bad thought it is no different from committing adultery, d only ting dat makes it different is how we deal with our situations….. we must REPENT and be sincerely willing to turn frm our sin. God doesnt love our sins, but he definitely loves us an He is a FORGIVING God so who are we to judge…. I wudnt call him a swagget but jus a child of God who fell into temptation, but how many of us out there are doin the same ting and havent gotten caught????????? I tink this is jus a eye opener to all christians who are living double standard lives….. Wen will u be caught on tape….. B cuz God is looking at u!!!!!!!! God bless u pastor regis u r in my prayer

  • christine

    We all sin and fall short of God’s Glory, Let us leave the Pastor. The Lord said “Though your sin be as scarlet I shall wash it and make it whither than snow.”

    • Maurice

      yes but what about the families on both sides, and what if he wasn’t video taped, chances are he’ll be screwing her as we speak. so to say “i’m sorry” now is BS, he’s sorry everyone found out about it…

  • http://www.killingidols.com Esosa

    This is a really sad story. My wife and I just finished a book called Killing Idols For REVIVAL : A Behind The Scenes Look at 9 Enemies of God’s Harvest.

    It is the last days and God is exposing the principalities that corrupt his church. Its time to end all of these scandals and put Jesus Christ at the Head of His PURE Church. All of this physical adultery is only a reflection of the spiritual adultery that we tolerate!

  • beulah collymore

    Yes!!! He should know better than to blame the devil. He know what the book of james said, It is his own lust.
    God said love your wife as christ loved the church, and give his life for it.
    Do unto others as you will have them do unto you. God also said be ye holy as i am holy.
    What kind of christian person this guy is,.do this preacher care about hurting others?,
    What example he has been showning too other people, People like him who turn away people from the love of God. Is he really, really. born again? Or he has put the old man in the closet and using him when ever he need to do so.As a born again where the both of them thinking about there salvation, Can a person hide from God? No. Remember God is light , in him there is no darkness, Well!!!! his light did shine in the dark, And it all light up.

  • st lucia

    verry sorry to hear but please remember we are not to judge.this man he maid a mistake and we need to forgive him.we all know that god will forgive him if he ask lets pray he and his family and also the j pastor and wife that god will restore them no one wants to carry a piece of shame like that some people say we should not blame it on the devil but we can the devil is not after the ones that are living reckless life he is after gods children some of us are strong some of us are week. it is very important to pray every day asking god to cover us pleading his blood on our lives. this is the pastors trial it will make him a stronger man let us all pray for him.wife forgive your husband and husband forgive your wife. the joy will come it was not promise that when we become christans every thing will be ok god bless

  • Crystal

    Wolves in sheep clothing they call them!

  • sikkmann

    Boi Regis was ALWAYS a rapist and pussyhunter is NOT NOW them crap happening but he ALWAYS getting covered for by THE CHURCH MEMBERS THEMSELVES so don`t feel sorry for the bitch at all…
    In fact plenty church people in the sex duttyness but calling pon God to make it look like they holy and annointed ….
    I sure allyuh ent know that Pastor Duncan, who always against gambling, had a church going Assistant Pastor son who when passing thru Kennedy Airport play a US lotto and WIN TT$6million and come to spend it in Trinidad get it spend very quickly by guess who …. Pastor Duncan himself…. all of a sudden was Benz, Beemer, a kindergarten, home renovations all kinda thing but NOTHING for the church members like a bus to drop them home after service, they ent even stop picking up collection for one stinking service and all for Jesus

  • Petros Peregrinus

    it brings nothing to the glory of christ at all