darryl heeralal

On February 24th, World Indian Network (WIN) Communications fired freelance reporter Darryl Heeralal over statements he made on Facebook regarding protest action in Sea Lots, Port of Spain, which were viewed as being racist.

After Heeralal was fired, the station’s general manager, Sunil Ramdeen, called on journalists to reconsider their use of social media in their capacities as private citizens.

darryl heeralal

The now former WIN Communications journalist, Darryl Heeralal, took to his social media outlet to let off his steam on the latest tragedy in Trinidad regarding the unfortunate death of a mother and her two young daughters, after being they were struck by a vehicle, allegedly driven by a drunk police officer.

In the process of releasing steam about the heartbreaking deaths, Heeralal told his friends, colleagues and the world just how he really felt!

Here are the statements made by Darryl Heeralal on Sunday February 24th:

So listen right and I make no apologies…definitely not. woman and children get bounce and dead so the niggas from Sea Lots decides to riot just as the niggas on the Beetham, Laventille and Maloney do and then the government will have to give them handouts and the politicians who gain from the nigga support will act up…meanwhile the rest of the hard working law abiding Africans and Indians will continue to get salt and live in fear of the rioting niggas…time we arm ourselves shoot them in dey facking head and plant cabbage on them.

In the post he further states:

A nigga can be found by just looking at the urban African masses concentrated in and around port of spain and the east west corridor and now in other areas through urban to rural migration. They are not all niggas. Niggas like a stink fart, it kinda hard to describe but you’ll know it when you smell it.They aint no different to the stosh coolies you find in the malls and movie towne. Kinda hard to describe but you will know rancid coconut oil when you smell it.

Not too long after he posted his vile statements, Mr. Heerlal was fired! A move which prompted him to issue his version of an “apology”:

On Sunday 24th February I made comments about the unfortunate and horrific accident at Sea Lots which took the lives of two children, their mother, a fourth woman and injured two others. My statements can only be described as racist, insensitive, unfortunate, uncaring and crass. And for it I apologise unreservedly firstly to the people of Sea Lots, Beetham Gardens, Laventille, Maloney and also too all those who I offended by my racist and inappropriate statements. I also wish to apologise to my friends many of whom are of African heritage and especially to my former wife and daughter both of who share an African heritage. In posting my comments I had sought to draw attention to crime, urban poverty and fear in the society. However, I definitely misspoke, spoke of time and in so doing I have brought irreparable harm, damage and unnecessary pain by my vile words, to those who were impacted by the accident in this their time of grief. My statements were particularly unfortunate and distasteful especially coming in the midst of the sorrow, hurt and pain caused by the accident and the plight of the people of Sea Lots. I take full responsibility and accept the full consequences of my actions and again apologise to all those who have been impacted by my lack of judgment and humanity.

There would be no need for an apology if Heerlal didn’t say what was really on his mind. And in my opinion, we should thank him for getting his nasty words off his chest, now we know what kind of heartless, repulsive, disgusting creature he really is!