Rihanna STAY video

R&B singer Rihanna has obtained a restraining order against a an obsessed fan and possible stalker.
who allegedly tried to break into her Los Angeles home recently

Steveland Barrow was arrested after he we was caught in a mansion he thought belonged to the singer, but was instead that of her neighbors. Barrow even slept in the master bedroom, according to multiple reports.


Rihanna has won a temporary protective order, barring Barrow, whose present whereabouts are unknown ever since his release from custody.

After citing concerns about her safety, Barrow has been barred from coming within 100 yards of the 25-year-old Bajan singer.

In another Rihanna stalker news, on February 16th, Rihanna was assaulted  by a fan outside a London night club. 

An unidentified man reportedly threw a bottled energy drink at the pop sensation before slinging a few well-placed insults at her boyfriend Chris Brown.

rihanna bleedingRihanna scraped her knee in the scuffle and required medical attention.

Let’s hope the Bajan star beefs up security and stays protected.