Hi TG,

I love your new column, especially your Carnival fling entry. This past carnival, I returned home to Trinidad with my girlfriends and what a time we had.

The crazy thing was, while jumping up in Tribe on Carnival Monday, I saw my high school sweetheart. I was taken aback because it has been 14 years since I’ve last seen him.

Well, mister held on to me so tightly and stayed on my bumper until I left the day after Ash Wednesday. The thing is I felt like a school girl all over again with him. I was crushing on him, I had butterflies, my panties got wet and well…what de old people say, ole firestick easy to ketch! TG we didn’t have sex, we really made love…outside of our many intoxication filled episodes, we really connected. He claims to be single and we both really enjoyed my visit. He even drove me to Piarco and kissed me good bye. I even said he loves me. I so dreaded going home. We’ve spoken everyday since I’ve been back. Plus he’s coming up during the Easter holidays.

By the way, I am 32 years old, with 3 kids, gainfully employed and in an unhappy marriage.
What do you think I should do?

Mrs. Dangerously In Love


Dear Mrs. Dangerously In Love,

I want to hug you but I really want to shake you!

Dahlin, you are married with not 1 but 3 lovely children! I know you don’t want to raise those babies on your own or to uproot them and move to Trinidad because of a fling! I mean, Trinidad sweet but seriously? Are you really willing to end your marriage for a Carnival hookup?

I know you probably haven’t felt those butterflies for a long time, marriage can do that, but it’s no reason to make hasty decisions.

You say you speak to him every day…maybe you need to speak to your husband everyday. Babes, focus on the family you have and if it’s really beyond saving… then so be it but don’t let your moment of weakness be the reason you end your marriage because that’s no foundation to start a new relationship on.

Pray on it and let me know how it goes.

Btw… I certainly hope you weren’t so intoxicated that you forgot your Durex!



Do you agree with my response? What advice would you give to Mrs. Dangerously In Love?