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Fresh off his first appearance in New York for 2013 at his recent headlining Got P.C.D. concert and his Socatology show shortly thereafter in Barbados, Bunji Garlin is again making headlines.


The Ragga Soca artiste, who is still dealing with the loss of his brother back on March 6th, has had and continues to have a tremendous musical year.

Bunji Garlin’s single “Differentology” is the quintessential Soca hit.

“Differentology” was announced by many as the 2013 unofficial Carnival anthem. The single eventually became an international fan favorite thanks to itunes, a spoofer’s joy thanks to YouTube and will forever be declared a classic.

The single which was recently played during a Major Lazer set at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami, is being featured along with its superstar songwriter on MTV IGGY.

As we await the release of the highly anticipated official music video for “Differentology,” check out excerpts of Greg Scruggs‘ article for MTV IGGY below:

In an interview after the session, Garlin insisted that the hit actually came together quickly and almost accidentally while the singer was killing time in the Black Ice Studios while waiting to pick up his wife, Fay-Ann Lyons. (Lyons is a national legend who swept the Soca Monarch competitions in 2009 while pregnant.) Producer Sheriff Mumbles started the riff on electric guitar, which later became the piano chords.

“And as soon as he hit it, the melody came in one shot. It was a cosmic something,” Garlin stated in the interview.

As for the Spanish style guitar, Nigel Rojas, frontman of Trinidadian reggae fusion band Orange Sky, told Scruggs point blank:

“Bunji Garlin is the black Spaniard so the image I wanted to create was a bandido, a renegade, a desperado riding through the streets of the town, a bad Spanish dude.” 

Nigel Rojas and Bunji Garlin 2013

Bunji Garlin and Nigel Rojas PHOTO: Facebook

On the flip side, Garlin pointed out, “A lot of musicians from Trinidad and Tobago have family lineage up the islands, from Grenada, St. Vincent, St. Lucia and if you listen to their music, they have some very strong melodies and very catchy rhymes.”

Up the islands you can get songs that outlast the festival.  That is something that we have fallen off from in Trinidad and we need to put focus on songs that can last beyond the season,” he continued.

But when it comes to the word ,”crossover” Garlin cautiously explained…

“You have artists that get crossover appeal, but then they cross out. As all musical worlds orbit, I can’t serve two masters.  I have to meet each environment without compromising what I have to offer and the integrity of what I have to produce. I think I have been finding the recipe, and “Differentology” is one example.”

Read the full MTV IGGY article on Bunji Garlin HERE.



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