suzie_q_spanner_banner wedding marry

suzie_q_spanner_banner wedding marry

Despite months of rumors and speculation of an affair, Spanner Banner will marry his manager and undercover girlfriend, Suzie Q.

Banner known for hits such as Life Goes On and Rolling Stones, revealed to Irie FM Radio earlier this week, that he will wed the TV show host of the Jamaica’s famous Video Alley.

“Yes, I’m excited enuh. Yuh know, it’s a whole different experience for me, so I’m very excited enuh because yuh know man no deh pan Earth wid stone, so wi jus have to live properly,” he said.

Banner’s announcement comes after months of speculation which began in December of last year when Banner was accused by Suzie Q’s THEN husband Mr Absolute of having an affair with his wife. However, both repeatedly denied these allegations even after Suzie Q and Mr Absolute’s divorce.

In the interview Banner insisted, “There wasn’t any hanky-panky man.”

According to the Jamaica Star, Banner did imply that it was Mr Absolute’s allegations which drove the two lovebirds together……. uh huh!

“Sometimes, when people start to focus dem mind on something it automatically happen but a after di separation, yuh know.”

Banner, however, was reluctant to disclose the date when the lovebirds will be tying the knot.

“As di date is concerned, I don’t really ready to disclose dat yet,” he said.

Banner then went on to explain that nothing will change as Suzie Q will still remain his manager after they are married.

“We working together same way, because yuh know wi have to work strength to strength cause iron sharpen iron, see weh me a seh, but everything wi will disclose later on in di future.”



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